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10th Anniversary Stadium was opened in 1955 as a monument of ten years of communism in Poland. The stadium was constructed mostly with rubble from buildings of Warsaw destroyed during the II world war.

In times of deepest communism it was most representative and principal venue of Poland. The major sporting events in the country, international football matches and athletics competitions were held there. It was also used for cultural propaganda. It saw organized concerts, ceremonies and anniversary celebrations important for the communist authorities.

In 1983, less glorious history of the stadium begins. As a result of lack of maintenance, gradually falling into disrepair, the stadium was leased to the company business and received a new name Jarmark Europa

Between the years of 1989 - 2008, with over 5,000 traders, and many more unregistered - a large number of them from foreign countries the stadium transformed into the largest marketplace in Europe. Many immigrants from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa or the Caucasus, were dwelling there.

At the same time the stadium became one of the greatest centers of crime in this part of the world. Among other things, illegal software, smuggled alcohol, cigarettes, weapons were sold there. You could get literally everything.

This place was very cluttered, Chinese plastic packaging products flew in the air. On the ground rotting layers of cardboard cartons lay. Impressions of abstraction were completed by broken or missing human size mannequins, scattered among the brightly colored clothes and loud music played from multiple locations simultaneously.

In September 2007, the crown of stadium was closed for traders. In place of 10th-anniversary stadium authorities began to build a new national stadium for Euro 2012.

Concrete icon of communism, overloaded with colorful kitsch. A place full of small Asian restaurants and where even the tagging on the walls were in Vietnamese - gradually, again transformed into a Polish icon. This time Poland is gazing to the west. History repeats itself.

Pictures are the subjective reactions to the changes and place. Place is very strange and highly affecting the sensitivity. Pictures began to appear the day after the official closing of the crown Stadium on 30, Sept. 2007.