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Rainbow Gathering is like alternative to modern world. Each year Rainbow Family attracts hundreds of thousands of people to spend time in wilderness.
Gatherings each year take place at over 100 locations all over the world, away from civilization, shops, sanitation, electricity, telephones, Internet, alcohol, drugs, money.

Participants feel connection with nature. They wish to live in peace and harmony. Some of them consider Rainbow as a new form of society. Spiritually, there is a very strong influence from native North American Shamanism. There is no membership, leaders, official spokespersons or any formal structure, everyone is equal. They live like a tribe.

All decisions are made by mutual consent achieved by discussion in the circle. Meals are common, and all duties voluntary. Each gathering lasts for a month or longer. There are also rainbow villages - small societies which try to be self-sufficient, usually hidden in mountains. I visited one, called Beneficio in Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain.

Everything may sounds a bit utopian but it actually works. Each year rainbow gatherings is visited by more and more people.

During four years I visited eight countries in four continents: Brazil, Turkey, Sahara desert in Morocco, Finland, Spain - twice, Poland, Ukraine. I travelled by many ways, a lot by hitch-hiking. With time photographs of the road I took began writing story in itself. I wish to visit all continents, and make two books about Raibow and the Road. Work is still in progress.