PATHS : Kuba Rubaj













The idea of search for their own identity through the experience of places known from the past, in some way relates to each of us. Sometimes it affects those who do not want to lose precious memories or want to keep them in difficult time. To others it comes suddenly, when they wake up and find that they do not know who they really are. Still others come back from a long journeys and they suddenly realize that all looks supposely the same, but not as they remember.

Sometimes, with time the memories fly away from memory, after all, we are simply engaged in the present . However, there is a risk that we lose the sensitivity that shaped us. May change our way of being, thinking, awareness, and most importantly - our identity is blurred.

Photographs come from Lublin and post-PGR (communistic state-owned collective farm) eastern Polish village where I spent much of my childhood. Were created only for me. I did not plan their presentation. Only when started to create a coherent whole, I decided to show them.

A series of photos titled "identity paths" is a personal exploration and also the form of consolidation of memories. The photos began to appear spontaneously, because of the urgent necessity in 2009. This is my first work of this nature.