BALTIC : Kuba Rubaj


















First thing you feel at Baltic coastline is abandonment. Everything when the season ends is sleepy and quiet. It gets windy and unfavorable. Vast empty coastal spaces are sometimes absurd.

When the touristic season ends, coast transforms. In the beginning of autumn, the tourism gradually dissapears. And with them the aesthetics of kitsch vanishes as well. Everything becomes abandoned and closed, restaurants, vacations, private accommodations, souvenir shops, banners curled up.

Tourism infrastructure at Baltic is powerful and huge.

Off season, most of the villages and towns at coastside, becomes deserted. In some of them at night, only streetlights lit.

n the face of the disappearance of the human layer, are starting to show small signs of the past. A lot of wreckage left over after war is scattered around the coast. A lot of absurd forms of architecture, contrete artifacts of communism, iron skeletons can be found. Abandoned, fallen marine shipyards.

I travelled along the Baltic coast twice. The first by bicycle in September 2010. I rode through the forests, beaches and field paths. The second time I drove by car in early November 2010. These photographs were taken spontaneously. At the beginning I didn't have idea to make a series.