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Mrs. Jania and cats
My first longterm essay. Everything begun in 2007 in late december, I met mrs Jania on the street and we just started to talk.

Mrs. Janina Dabrowska lives on her own in a tenement house in old quater of Warsaw, Poland. She has 79 years old. She is at the hospital. She to have a surgery but propably she'll back home. Due to hospital food her condition worsened. She hardly menages to climb the stairs.

It has been 20 years since she feeds staray cats. Most of her naighbours generally youngsters, mistreat animals. They are against her and all she does for animals. Four years ago they seared 10 cats in front of her windows. In order not to be noticed she used feed them at 4 am every day.

She is abanboned, all alone. After about 30 years of being a nun she leg musticism. She couldn't menage the tension and closed. She joined monastery when she was teenage

Despite her age and sickness, she is strong enough to stand up to environment and help animals.

She is happy.